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Nascar is only in America Super Car

Sometime, I have dream can looking Nascar by my true eye. Not in TV. Event in my country, I can not find the car sport system like Nascar. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).
"I've never been very good at slowing down." Say by Chiefly, he wants to win on all 22 tracks that comprise the Sprint Cup schedule. Having finally won a championship required Busch to reassess his goals over the offseason.
Toyota Leading with the good driver. Show camry win on this track.

As you know, you can find what is nascar. may be for several year, I will find the system like this in my country so I can join on the track.. (dreaming). You can find the story of Nascar in Wiki pedia.

NASCAR has its official headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida, and also maintains offices in four North Carolina cities—Charlotte, Concord, and Conover.[4] Regional offices are located in New York City and Los Angeles, with international offices in Mexico City and in Toronto. Owing to NASCAR's Southern roots, all but a handful of NASCAR teams are still based in North Carolina, especially near the city of Charlotte. NASCAR is second to the National Football League among professional sports franchises in terms of television ratings in the United States.[5][not in citation given] Internationally, its races are broadcast[by whom?] in over 150 countries.[6] In 2004, NASCAR's Director of Security stated that the company holds 17 of the Top 20 regularly attended single-day sporting events in the world.[7] Fortune 500 companies sponsor NASCAR more than any other motor sport,[8] although this sponsorship has declined since the early-2000s.[9]

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