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Forecasts in Visualization thru Development Affirmation

We can build the critical thinking ability in order to reason with our problems by examining the consequences of our actions. We can develop self-awareness and consciousness by examining the mind often while building our critical thinking skills. By using examples and ideas, one can start to generalize through affirmation, which enables that one to classify and use effective conceptualizations to find answers to their problems.

It is often best to use a few examples from information that your mind has retained those circles around events and facts. By using this format, one can develop general ideas that help them to solve problems effectively. The process of building the critical mind through visualization and affirmation allows us to group the facts and/or events so that we shape them. This allows us to make broad statements in regards to the facts. Affirmation allows one to classify the facts and/or events. The process enables one to build on their knowledge. The mind is actively taking action, which it will move first to the specifics and then to the general subjects.

We need to develop new ideas by using examples that allow us to categorize and substantiate ideas to find facts and proof. This mental process is the reversal of prior actions that the mind used to consider ideas from examples of facts and events. The mind will strive to find ideas that it can use as proof and provide support to the original idea. In this instance, the mind will reach a generalized notion and move to the detailed cause and effects of any problem.

By examining your problems and mind’s actions, you can solve problems effectively. Use your visualization and affirmation skills as you work through each problem. For now, let us work through a problem together and see how the mind works while considering the consequences of our decisions. When you learn to forecast consequences before making a decision, it creates effective decision-making skills.

How to solve problems effectively by visualizing consequences -

Per se, we are faced with a challenge that has caused much stress because we are potentially going to be late for work. We see that cause and effects in the first storyline. The cause however is not clear. Why are we going to be late for work? How did we create this problem? What did we do to avoid being late for work? When did this problem develop? Who is part of the problem? How can we solve the problem the next time?

Now we need to find the purpose first before we can continue querying the mind. Did we stay up late last night? Per se, that we stayed up late last night and did not get up on time when the alarm went off. Instead, we lay in bed, drifted back to sleep and waited for the next alarm to go off. Why did we stay up late the night before?

Think about the consequences of this action. What do you think will happen if we arrive at work late? You may think that your boss will penalize you, or give you a warning. Surely, this is possible, but looks at the long-term consequences. If this action becomes a consistent problem, you will lose creditability. Your boss will start to think of you as an unreliable person that fails to take care of his or her responsibilities. You start to lose character in the face of the job place, which your boss will pass on to your next boss what type of character you are. We see that part of the problem is our failure to go to bed so that we could get up in time to make it to work on time. Keep looking into the problem, or try solving one of your own problems by using this tactic.

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