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Logical Development thru Visualization and Affirmation

Ways to develop a logical pattern of thinking often is interrupted by cluttered minds. When one develops logical thinking, that one must develop a reasonable person that will examine problems or situations at all angles. Logic is the process of asking questions to discover facts and sequential information that is consistent and true. To develop the ability to use reason, one must consider two tasks that consist of telling the difference amid facts and opinions. One must identify while evaluating any assumed information.

For instance, if someone told you that the sky is aqua rather than blue, what would you believe – the facts or their opinion? If you were unsure of the sky’s shade, then you would set out to find logical reasons that support your claims. The sky is blue. Logically, we have millions of people in the world that recognize the blue sky. John Denver, made this point in a song, “Blue Sky’s keep getting cloudier each day.” Other artists noted that the sky was blue as well. We have much grounded evidence that support the facts, so it is logical to say that the sky is blue. Sometimes the sky is gray and cloudy however, but it does not change the fact that during the daytime, the sky is blue.

We can use visualization and affirmation to develop a pattern of logical thinking. Keep in mind that some inventive ideas came from illogical ideas. So, never leave out what you perceive as illogical until you have probed in to your mind to find facts that support the claims.

Take for example a patient that walked into the doctor’s office and for years she attempted to convince the doctor that her entire body ached with pain consistently. The doctor analyzed the problem and chalked it up for a long time as unreasonable thinking in which her opinion was over exaggerated from stress build up. Later that same woman visited the doctor with the same complaints each time, and finally the doctor discovered that she had fibromyalgia. Because this joint degenerative disease is rare, and there are very few tests available to find the problem, many patients illogical thinking became valid logic.

We can never sell short information because we think of it as illogical. We must analyze all bits and pieces of information to find facts that help us to use logical persuasion when assessing issues.

We must understand the value of facts however. If information is giving to us based on lies, thus it is illogical and unhealthy for us to use. For instance, think of the many people pulled into persuasive lies that drove them to superstition. Superstition is created by a persuasive mind that falls into the snares of those lies told. In fact, the mind can become so powerfully persuasive that it can convince a person that walking under a ladder is bad luck.

Rather than falling into the snares, we must use visualization and affirmation to discover the facts. Facts are defined in the dictionary as information that presents impartially confirmable and authentic data. Opinions on the other hand stem from judgment; conclusions draw up from data learned and beliefs. Most opinions are difficult to affirm that it is true. This is why we have scientific minds and psychoanalytic minds in the world. They often set out to find the facts that support any opinion taking in by the mind.

Technically speaking, none of us has the right to voice our opinion without gathering facts to support our claims. By upholding to this law, we can all cutbacks on the many problems that have developed from opinions, guesses and assumptions. Never make assumptions because nine times out of ten you will find your self-staring down the long end of confusion.

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